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1. We Know Complex: Our expert team of independent mortgage brokers has been navigating the complex California market for years, serving hundreds of people securing loans, getting approved for a home purchase, or refinancing mortgages on properties already in possession.

2. We’re East Bay Local: We operate in the San Francisco Bay Area – Oakland Alameda, Berkeley Castro Valley, Pleasanton, and know the unique local market like the back of our hand. We are assisting local people looking to purchase a property by leveraging our insider knowledge and expertise in the industry and continuously strive to treat every client and transaction like our own.

3. We’re Independent: Fresh Home Loan, Inc., “Independent Mortgage Brokers That Work for the People! ™ with Garrick Werdmuller at the forefront, is a team of expert mortgage brokers helping people finance their dream homes and secure their future. We carry out our work with great care for our clients and follow the philosophy of over – delivering in every venture that we take.

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