Are you tired of knowing you could be doing better for your clients?

Take Your Business Back!

Tired of asking for pricing exceptions?

Fresh Home Loan inc., Independent Mortgage Brokers that Work for the People” is hiring experienced loan officers and brokers. We started this company to benefit the Bay Area consumer, REALTOR®, and LOAN OFFICER!!! (That is where you come in!).

I left retail to start this business model to help loan officers like you “Take Your Business Back”. That wonderful company you work for will do to you what mine did to me when you leave. I can help you get on your feet as an independent and truly achieve your goals in this amazing industry!


Independent Contractor 1099

NMLS DRE Licensed

5+ years’ experience

Efficient in Loan Origination and Database Management


Access to Wholesale Rates

Processing support

Marketing Assistant

Paid weekly

Per file fee available for experiences LO’s no splits

Multiple lending channels

Generally, all lending products available including Reverse Mortgage, Non QM, Jumbo, FHA

State of the Art LOS, pricing and submission technology