Why NOW may be the time to Lock in that Mortgage rate if you have not Already

Why NOW May be the Time to Lock in that Mortgage Rate…

We have seen mortgage rates rally pretty big time over the past few weeks, AND, we have also seen a lot of talk about the feds tapering mortgage-backed securities.

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President Robert Kaplan said 

‘Better sooner rather than later to begin” with regards to the tapering of mortgage-backed securities. Jim Kramer, Barry Habib among others as well have talked of the feds tapering soon. 

I think with all this talk and more and more taper talk everyday it seems, what can and probably will happen is the Feds mention in August, the tapering of mortgage backed securities in September and Mortgage banks panic and rates dart up. 

We’ve seen similar things happen earlier this year so contact me, lets save you money, consolidate debt. 



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