Appreciation + Low Rates = Opportunity

Mortgage Review- Putting your home equity to work for you. 

While there may be signs of the real estate slowing down in certain areas that is not the case here in the Bay Area, we are still seeing multiple offers.  I saw a house go 60% over asking a couple weeks ago. 

The Bay appreciation according to C.A.R. is up about 16% year over year. Just about all measures suggest that home values have appreciated by a great deal. 

With new loan amounts just going up and home equity at an all-time high, homeowners out there may need a mortgage check up to talk about a mortgage checkup. 

Now I am not one to promote cashing out your home equity for fun, but this could be a good opportunity to consolidate debt if you have a decent amount of high interest debt, 

If you look at what debt you have with interest rates looming above 15 to 18%, consolidating them into your mortgage and take those savings and put them back into your home – you would be amazed at the YEARS you shave off your mortgage!  

Proper use of debt consolidation could cut many years off the term of your mortgage, increase cash flow, and build a huge amount of equity to be used in the future.  

Of course, the other popular options is home improvement and, now more than ever, you can add more value to your home with a low interest rate 

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