Investing your Money Safely during a Global Pandemic with John Reising, Reising Financial

We are super lucky to have John Reising as our guest today. John is in the top 1% in the nation of financial investors that deal with fixed annuities.
John tells us about his product for clients looking to make conservative investments with reasonable rates of return. This opportunity is perfect for people getting close to retirement. It keeps your money safe and produces a reasonable return.

Reising Financial’s Core Values are
1. Safety First
2. Reasonable Rate of Return 3%-5%
3. Keep it Simple, clients understand what’s happening.

What is the catch?

First there’s a time commitment, typically 7-10 years is the sweet spot, you can withdraw up-to 10% a year.

Second there is a cap or limit on maximum gain usually not earn more than 7-8%.

These are called Fixed Index Annuity and they’re to keep your money safe at a reasonable rate of return.

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