Live Event: Wholesale Buydown Program | September 23rd & 30th at 10am PST

Learn WHY it’s Important to Know and Educate Buyers and Sellers, WHAT it is and HOW it works.

Avoid Price Reductions & Give Your Buyer Access to Below Market Wholesale Rates

With rates going up more sellers are dropping their prices. Don’t let your seller make this mistake! Use our strategy to help both the buyer and seller.
Instead of dropping the sales price, use a fraction of the money to buy down the buyer’s mortgage rate.

Here are the benefits:
1. The seller keeps more of their money
2. The neighbors’ home values hold steady with strong comps
3. The buyer gets the same house payment as a lower-priced home
4. The buyer saves more money in the long run with a lower rate for the life of the loan
5. Both parties win!

Before you drop your price, give us a call for numbers-specific information, and if you need help explaining this strategy to a listing agent, let us know and we will reach out.

September 23rd at 10am PST

September 30th at 10am PST

Garrick Werdmuller
(510) 282-5456