Nurturing Connections with Home Buyers – The Power of Project Open House from Fresh Home Loan
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Nurturing Connections with Home Buyers – The Power of Project Open House from Fresh Home Loan

What is Project Open House?

Essentially Project Open House is a sign in sheet and a $25.00 gift card and a solid follow up campaign for those “tepid” open house leads.

How Does it Work?

1. Have the sign in sheet at the open house (do what you do but a bowl of candy or something next to it never hurts).
2. Let the guests coming through know you are giving away a $25.00 gift card courtesy of Fresh Home Loan.
3. They sign in.
4. Monday, we do a live video give away of the card (yet another piece of content but new and different)
5. Monday, my team follows up “Hi this is Garrick from the [Insert Your Name Here] team. We were at [Insert Property Address First] and wanted to follow up and see if you had any questions?”
6. They then go into our lead follow up campaign with weekly and monthly touches vial mail, email, phone, and text.
7. We have a saying amongst my peers in the mortgage biz that “The Money is in the Follow Up” because we know that to be true.

We have done the research and we know the leads come to the Open House first. Yes, they may be on this website or that website looking at properties online, but these are the stats as to how people have found there agent according to Zillow:

Referred by Friend/Relative/Neighbor (42%)
Previous Agent (12%)
Visited Open House (6%)
Referred by Another Agent (4%)
Referred by Employer/Relocation Company (2%)
66% of clients who used an agent found theirs without use of an online website such as Zillow.

According to Zillow 6% of people found an agent by going to an open house. You may say “Garrick, that’s not a big number.” The way I see it, 1 out of 17 buyers going to your open house will use an agent they found at an open house. There are a lot of agents out there and a lot of open houses true, but how many agents actually use a solid follow up campaigns?

As a Mortgage Broker, when you are out on listing appointments, inspections, and other activities out in the field, I am in my CRM, managing leads, prospects, past clients etc. and making sure they are qualified, so you aren’t wasting your precious time. It only makes sense. Furthermore, we know how to successfully communicate with cold leads, so you aren’t wasting your time and we aren’t wasting ours.

To get this going go ahead and reach out:

Garrick Werdmuller
President CEO | Fresh Home Loan Inc
NMLS 242952

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Garrick Werdmuller
(510) 282-5456