The Selling Process

Selling your home is easy with this simple guide.

Selling your home is an exciting time – you are moving on to something new and different. Do not get bogged down with the details of selling when you use this simple guide. 

Choose an agent

Before you go barreling out the door to list your home, make sure you have the right agent representing you. A listing agent helps you navigate the process of selling your home and looks out for your best interest. It is a good idea to interview multiple agents to find the one that works best for you.

Know the value of your home

Have your home appraised so you can list it accordingly. Keep it in line with other homes that have sold in the area.

Prep for sale

Get your home open house ready. Remove all clutter and personal items to help you stage your space in the best light possible. If this feels like something that is out of your scope, consider hiring professionals. It will be an added cost, but might be worth it in the end. 

Market well

No one is ever going to know your home is for sale if it is not marketed well. Your agent should take care of most of this, but make sure you approve the marketing campaign before it starts. That way, you can change anything ahead of time.

Showing and open houses

Agents generally prefer a lockbox or keypad since that allows them to show your house more often to potential buyers. Remember that buyers might need times that are not convenient to you; consider that as you schedule your open houses and showings.


There is no reason to accept the first offer that comes in on your home. Do not be afraid to make a counteroffer for the full listing price. 


Once you have accepted an offer and escrow is open, order the title to your house. This is important to begin the closing process. Make sure you have a receipt for the buyer’s earnest money deposit. 

Schedule an appraisal

Make sure the home looks as good as possible before the assessment. If your home is valued very low, ask your agent about alternative options.

Order an inspection

A home inspection is one of the final steps in the selling process. Make sure you work with the home inspector and have a list of everything that should be checked before their arrival. 

Disclose everything

If there are defects or problems with the property, make sure you disclose them. Your title company should provide you with the paperwork you need to be upfront and open.

Repair requests

Negotiate for repair requests. In some instances, a buyer might accept a credit toward the closing costs in place of having a repair completed. 

Release contingencies + sign documents

The buyer will need to release the contingencies on the contract to allow the process to move forward. Once that is complete, make sure the title is signed, and the escrow documents are in order. 

Finally, scheduling a closing date where you sign the final paperwork and hand over the keys. 

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