The Truth about Online Reverse Mortgage Calculators

Are you looking online for a Revere Mortgage Calculator to find out how much you or a loved one might qualify for? 

Well, the truth is the answer is pretty easy to get, all you need is a:

  • Property Address
  • Date of Birth

And we can run different scenarios for you with different reverse mortgage lenders. 

BUT – unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way for you, or me for that matter, to get that information unless we run it through our reverse mortgage lenders. 

Quite often, when you see a reverse mortgage calculator online all they are is a way to capture your information so the lender can try to sell you a reverse mortgage, or even worse, sell your information to multiple lenders as a lead.  

That’s why we created Fresh Reverse by Fresh Home Loan. Independent Mortgage Brokers that Work for the People! 

Come to us and w will take a side-by-side look at all your options, reverse mortgage, conventional mortgage, and anything else that might be a viable option to keep you happy and in your home.

I am Garrick Werdmuller, President and CEO of Fresh Reverse and I am here to help you. 

Garrick Werdmuller
(510) 282-5456