What is G.O.S.P.A.?

G.O.S.P.A is a strategy planning technique I was turned on by an industry friend and I thought it was a really great concept. G.O.S.P.A. is an acronym and it refers to Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Plans/ Priorities, and Actions.

  • GOALS – What are your BIG GOALS for the next year? You should have about three of these. Where do you want to be in the next year? The next 5 years? These are your goals. Goals are BIG!
  • OBJECTIVES – These are the things that MUST BE ACCOMPLISHED to achieve those goals. 3-4 objectives per goal is key.
  • STRATEGIES – Strategies are methods you are going to use to accomplish the objectives on the way to your goals.
  • PLANS/PRIORITIES– Throughout the planning process, you must know what things you will do first, what you need to do second, and so forth. Plans/Priorities are the specific elements of the strategy to move along in your objectives.
  • ACTIONS – Actions are the day to day duties and are specific details of a plan to ultimately achieve your goals.

If you plan out this process thoroughly, each action will be determined by your current plans and your plans will lead to the accomplishment of your strategy. When your strategies are carried out , you will have achieved your objectives, and one step closer to achieving your goal.

After the year we all just had, in our own individual ways, this is a great concept to help you plan big for 2021. My main goals are to build up Fresh Home Loan Inc., gain more market share, recruit retail loan officers, show them a brand new life of happiness and freedom, and spend more time with the wife and kids doing STUFF!

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